19th International AEK Cancer Congress

- , Heidelberg


Prof. Dr. Simone Fulda (Frankfurt/Main)


Prof. Dr. Lisa Wiesmüller (Ulm)
Prof. Dr. Martin Eilers (Würzburg)
Prof. Dr. Lars Zender (Tübingen)

Congress Venue:

EMBL Advanced Training Centre
Meyerhofstraße 1, 69117 Heidelberg

Main Topics:

  • Therapeutic exploitation of DNA damage & repair pathways
  • New concepts to target RAS
  • Autophagy & Ubiquitin-dependent signaling
  • Targeting Transcription and MYC
  • Programmed cell death revisited
  • Tumor heterogeneity & cancer evolution
  • Precision Oncology: from bench to bedside
  • Targeting the Vulnerabilities of Cancer